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Having a Job is Important - Help Keep Jobs In America 

You are a WORKFORCE MEMBER because you want to take care of your family and have a bright future for your children. A job provides you a sense of accomplishment knowing you contribute to the strength and growth of the community and economy. A job allows you to develop new skills, learn new things, and create a record of employment, which helps you get  a better job. As a member of the workforce, you want to keep good paying, middle-class jobs in the United States. Strong employment keeps our middle class from disappearing and provides companies with more customers that have money to purchase their products.

We are WORKFORCE MEMBERS, the 99 percent who need jobs in the United States for a bright future and strong nation!


Keep Jobs in America for a Strong Middle Class

The lack of good paying jobs is causing the middle class to shrink in size with a decade of declining household income as reported by Pew research, a nonpartisan “fact tank” that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America. Statistics show that middle class earnings and net worth have dropped since the mid-2000s and that about 85% of the middle class say it is harder to maintain their standard of living than it was 10 years ago. While our middle class is disappearing many businesses are making record profits by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. People are out of work, and they’re hurting because there is no incentive for companies to keep jobs in America. Millions of Americans cannot find work and the people that have jobs are worried about being laid off.

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Reward Companies that Care About America

SaveOurWorkforce helps solve this problem by giving companies an incentive to keep the workforce in America. Using the “Before-You-Buy, Verify” tool, consumers can reward companies that care about the US workforce by making informed purchase decisions.


Unite the Worker Voice (the 99%) with the Powerful Rich (the 1%)

By joining SaveOurWorkforce, you are showing companies you care about the future of America. This encourages top executives and the powerful rich (the 1%) who own and operate companies to support more jobs with better pay.


How can YOU help Save Our Workforce?

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