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Help Keep Jobs in America For Your Future Employment

You are a STUDENT MEMBER because you want a job after you finish school so you can earn money and take care of your family. That is why you are working hard in school; so that in the future you can get a good job. Also, working provides a sense of accomplishment knowing you contribute to the strength and growth of the community. As a student member, you want to keep good paying, middle-class jobs in the United States instead of sending them to foreign countries. Strong employment keeps our middle class from disappearing and provides companies with more customers that have money to purchase their products.

I am a STUDENT MEMBER who is working hard in school to get a good job!

Without SaveOurWokforce, the youth are working hard in school and then graduating into poverty because the middle class in America is disappearing. 

  • Only 54% of young adults ages 18 - 24 are currently employed (the lowest number since the government began collecting this data in 1948)
  • Many young people are settling for lower salaries, which will beget smaller wages for the rest of their working lives
  • More than 82% of young adults say finding a job is harder for them than it was for their parents' generation.
  • Young adults are not becoming financially independent until later in life.
  • 24% of young adults say they have moved back in with their parents after living on their own.

The youth in American are in the best position to rebuild the U.S. Workforce. If you are a student (13 years or older) you can help us save U.S. jobs by building awareness with consumers in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities as to which companies support our Workforce the most.  If we don't do it our jobs go away!

Take the student pledge: 

Learn About Careers and Great Jobs

SaveOurWorkforce, founded by college and high school students, partners with companies in every industry, giving students the chance to learn about various career fields. This gives students better insight into the professional world to determine at an early age what path they wish to follow. 

Network with Companies & Track Jobs in Your Area

SaveOurWorkforce continues to develop a vast database of large and small companies in the country that truly value the U.S. Workforce. We encourage students to meet with top executives of companies to share with them the importance of keeping middle class jobs in America. This provides excellent networking opportunities, and many of our students have gone on to earn internships and jobs with the companies we've approached. 

Gain Leadership Skills 

Student members of SaveOurWorkforce often give presentations and speeches to government officials, top executives of large and small companies, and their fellow peers. Through this valuable experience, students gain leadership skills in research, presentations and public speaking, and these skills will carry them through their futures no matter which career path they choose. 

How to Become a Member

Your free membership gives companies an incentive to keep jobs in America and to secure the futures of our youth and our workforce. Show your support in three easy steps:

1. Become a member, and take the pledge. 

2. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

3. Spread the word about SaveOurWorkforce to family and friends and encourage them to become members.

Our goal is to get 1 million members by 2014!

Here are some additional ways you can help save jobs!

1. Show your friends & family the "Before-You-Buy, VERIFY" tool so they can make purchases from companies that support U.S. jobs the most.

2. Encourage companies to join SaveOurWorkforce so they can make a pledge to keep jobs in the U.S.

3. Share SaveOurWorkforce via social media to get all your friends involved!

4. Start a SaveOurWorkforce club in your school or community.

COMING IN 2015 - You may qualify to earn scholarship money from SaveOurWorkforce

SaveOurWorkforce is in the process of securing funding so that we can offer youth scholarship money to continue their education and establish strong futures. We are hopeful that scholarships will be awarded in 2014 for qualifying applicants. Please check back for details and updates.



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