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Our Mission

SaveOurWorkforce is powered by the YOUTH and THE 99%. Our mission is to save and rebuild the U.S. workforce by partnering with companies across America. 

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Save Our Workforce Mission is to: 

  • Unite the working families, citizens and companies who care about America's future.
  • Empower high school and college students to save and rebuild the U.S. Workforce for their future by raising awareness of the importance of jobs and the benefits of working.
  • Track the U.S. Workforce size of all companies and report the health of the U.S. Workforce. 
  • Partner with the largest companies so the youth can learn about careers, jobs, and why education is important. Reward companies that demonstrate a commitment to the U.S. Workforce with the "Before-You-Buy, Verify" tool
  • Teach the youth how to evaluate company financial statements to better understand why hiring/layoffs occur.
  • Provide scholarship money for college. 

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Our Mission IS NOT

  • We ARE NOT a labor union movement.
  • We DO NOT favor any political party.  Our members are both Democrats and Republicans sharing a common goal to increase the size of the U.S. Workforce.  Whether you are a conservative or liberal you still need a job to pay your bills.  We all share the common goal to take care of our families and provide the greatest future possible for our children.
  • We ARE NOT about negativity.   We focus our energy on how we can help companies maintain and grow jobs in America.  We report on factual information, research, news, and what experts are writing about.  We also report on companies that are doing their best to provide jobs to the working families of America.

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