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Founders of SaveOurWorkforce

“The youth is the hope of our future.” - Jose Rizal

"Yeah, it's halftime in America. And our second half is about to begin." - Clint Eastwood

Meet the youth leaders providing a brighter future and building a stronger America.


Our High School Founders...

Austin M. (Principal Founder), California Academy of Mathematics and Science

"Our mission is to save and rebuild the U.S. workforce by partnering with companies across America."

Jared P., Loyola High School

"Strong employment keeps the middle class from disappearing and helps our communities thrive."

Robyn B., St. Bernard High School

"We all have a responsibility to help keep jobs in America."

Eric P., California Academy of Mathematics and Science

"If you are a Republican or Democrat, we all still need to work and that's a fact."

Elie N., El Segundo High School

"It's your turn now; your pledge is all we need."

Zach S., Vistamar School

"It's really not that hard. Keep the jobs in our backyard by using Before-You-Buy, VERIFY."

Matthew G., El Segundo High School

"This country is strong. Let's do it and succeed."

Max F., California Academy of Mathematics and Science

"Join our cause and support the USA. If you dont' do it, our jobs will go away."

Samantha G., Los Alamitos High School

"By becoming a member, your voice will be heard."

Julian B., California Academy of Mathematics and Science

"Before buying a product, check if the company supports the U.S. Workforce."

Nick G., Redondo Union High School

"We can only grow the job market if our companies are strong and profitable."

Hy N., California Academy of Mathematics and Science

"We are building a better future for everyone."


Our College Founders... 

Ross M. (Principal Founder), Texas Tech University

"With SaveOurWorkforce, we can easily monitor, encourage, and reward companies that are providing jobs to American families."

Nestor C., Loyola Marymount University

"We pledge to work hard in school and become the strongest workforce in the world."

Brian L., Long Beach State University

"It's easy to help; become a member and use our free tool Before-You-Buy, Verify."

Khalid D., Santa Monica College

"SaveOurWorkforce strongly encourages businesses to keep jobs here in America."

Bryan W., Loyola Marymount University

"It's your turn now; your membership is all we need."

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