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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is SaveOurWorkforce?

    SaveOurWorkforce is a nonprofit organization powered by the YOUTH and THE 99% with the mission to save and rebuild the American workforce.

  • Why is SaveOurWorkforce important?

    People are out of work and they’re hurting because there is no incentive for companies to keep jobs in America. Millions of Americans cannot find work and the people that have jobs are worried about being laid off. Yet while our middle class is disappearing many businesses are making record profits by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. SaveOurWorkforce solves this problem as it allows us to easily monitor, encourage, and reward businesses that provide jobs to American families.

  • What is SaveOurWorkforce about?

    SaveOurWorkforce tracks and reports the workforce size of all companies in America and we partner with businesses to help keep jobs in the United States.

  • How does SaveOurWorkforce save American jobs?

    Our free website tool Before-You-Buy, VERIFY empowers everyone to easily direct their purchases towards companies that support the U.S. Workforce the most. Using this tool strongly encourages businesses to keep jobs here in America.

  • Who runs SaveOurWorkforce?

    High School and College students, and THE 99% who have joined our cause to save and rebuild the U.S. Workforce at

  • How did SaveOurWorkforce get started?

    The youth are working hard in school and then graduating into poverty because the middle class in America is disappearing. And a kid named Austin asked his school friends to help him fix this serious problem so we joined together and brainstormed a solution.

  • How can I help save and rebuild the American Workforce?

    First, join our website at to notify businesses that people are watching how many U.S. jobs they are providing. Second, use our free tool "Before-You-Buy, VERIFY" to look-up company workforce sizes and reward those companies that support the U.S. workforce the most. Also we need more high schools and colleges to start SaveOurWorkforce clubs to track companies with our motto "Youth having FUN saving jobs one company at a time!"

  • How can I join SaveOurWorkforce?

    It's easy to join. Just go to our website and click on "Sign up". It takes only 2 minutes to join and your membership will make us stronger and a powerful force to keep jobs in America.

  • What is the U.S. Workforce Report card?

    Students research unemployment and provide a report card on the health of the U.S. Workforce. This report card on the home page is a great way for you to see the health of U.S. workforce and how we are doing.

  • What is the U.S. Workforce pledge?

    We ask the YOUTH, THE 99%, and COMPANIES to take their WORKFORCE PLEDGE. We ask the youth take their pledge to do their best in school so we are a world class workforce. We ask THE 99% to take their pledge to work hard and do the best at their job. And we ask companies to take their pledge to do their best to keep jobs in America.

  • Tell us about the SaveOurWorkforce high school and college clubs.

    Our high school and college clubs partner with businesses and track the workforce sizes of companies and learn about careers, jobs, and why our education is so important. Our club motto is "Youth having FUN saving jobs one company at a time!"

  • What benefits are there for students to join SaveOurWorkforce?

    The most important benefit is to improve our prospect for getting a job after college. And we can also earn Scholarship money if we qualify. Plus we learn leadership skills, how to evaluate company financial statements, explore careers, and possibly network with some of the largest corporations in America.

  • How does scholarships work?

    Students earn scholarship points for actions they take to improve the U.S. workforce. For example, a student gets scholarship points for tracking and requesting a company to take their U.S. Workforce pledge. Scholarship points are then converted to dollars depending on our funding level.

  • What do you hope to accomplish?

    We want the youth to be able to have good job opportunities after graduation for a bright future. We will accomplish this by supporting job growth in our communities for a strong middle class in America.

  • How does SaveOurWorkforce benefit the workforce?

    We provide a voice to the American worker on our website. People can provide a "my job report" and let us know if their company laid them off or if they cannot find a job.

  • How does SaveOurWorkforce benefit THE 99%?

    THE 99% represent the middle class and poor in this country. Without good jobs the middle class becomes poor and the poor get poorer. SaveOurWorkforce encourages companies to keep jobs in America which provides a brighter future for the 99%.

  • How does SaveOurWorkforce benefit companies?

    More U.S. jobs is a WIN-WIN situation for both the company and their workforce. Strong employment keeps our middle class from disappearing and provides companies with more customers that have money to purchase their products.

  • Why would a company want to join SaveOurWorkforce?

    Company membership shows you support the American workforce and that you care about the youth and the future of our country. Businesses that join us will be showcased on our website that they have taken the "U.S. Workforce Pledge." Our members then reward these companies with additional sales using our tool "Before-You-Buy, VERIFY".   Additional benefits are:

  • Improved "Before-You-Buy, Verify" Rating
  • Shows your support for youth education and jobs in your community.
  • You also get a Beneficial Company Statement and website link.
  • Is there a cost to join SaveOurWorkforce?

    Membership is FREE to individuals, the YOUTH, and THE 99%. Companies pay a nominal fee based on their size. For example a small company pays a thirty nine dollar annual membership fee. This membership fee funds student scholarships and the SaveOurWorkforce mission.

  • What else do you want America to know about SaveOurWorkforce?

    We are NOT a labor union movement, we do NOT favor any political party, and we are NOT about negativity.

  • Where can we get more information on SaveOurWorkforce?

    Visit our website at to join and use our free tool Before-You-Buy, VERIFY. You can also give a "My Job Report" and much more. Also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In.

Thank you for being a good neighbor and supporting the labor at

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