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SaveOurWorkforce is a nonpartisan place to unite the 99% who care about America’s future. No matter political party affiliation – Republican, Democrat, Independent or another affiliation – everyone needs or knows someone who needs a job.

SaveOurWorkforce is powered by all citizens of the United States who believe a strong country means a bright future for our youth. We are Americans who work hard to get ahead, the 99% who want a strong middle class. Anyone can be a member of SaveOurWorkforce.

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Founded in 2012 by college and high school students, SaveOurWorkforce empowers America’s youth to track the workforce size in their areas and learn about jobs and careers.  Through this process, the youth acquire knowledge on global competition and why education and working hard is so important to get a good job and have a bright future.  By starting SaveOurWorkforce clubs in their schools, they are spreading the word about strengthening the middle class in America and creating the best workforce in the world. Read about our founders

SaveOurWorkforce Mission

Our mission is to save and rebuild the U.S. workforce by partnering with companies across America.  Before SaveOurWorkforce, a company’s workforce statistics were invisible to the consumer, and companies who supported the U.S. workforce received no benefit.  

Before-You-Buy, Verify!

Our free website tool "Before-You-Buy, Verify" shows the number of U.S. jobs a company provides, so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions and support companies that support the U.S. workforce. Our database gives each company a rating by tracking the number of jobs a company offers in the United States and foreign countries to determine a U.S. workforce percentage. Consumers can compare the U.S. workforce size and CEO pay of multiple companies and direct their purchase to the business that is providing the most U.S. jobs to American families. SaveOurWorkforce student club members research unemployment and provide regular report cards on the health of the U.S. workforce. This report card is a way for other members to see a snapshot of the current U.S. workforce conditions.

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